Dr. Kaley Wilson, CEO

Dr. Kaley Wilson is CEO of ARTMS Products. Kaley is also currently the Director of Business Development at Quark Venture, a global venture capital investment firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. In her previous role as Associate Director, Partnerships, at the Centre for Drug Research and Development, she worked in tandem with CDRD’s President and CEO and Executive Team playing a key role in building and maintaining the organization’s strategic alliances and partnerships with industry, academia, government, foundations and other organizations which were critical to CDRD realizing its vision of transforming the culture of scientific innovation and commercialization impacting human health. Dr. Wilson was also a key member of CDRD’s Project Search and Evaluation Team on which she lead the identification and evaluation of drug discovery projects with potential therapeutic value in the areas of infection, inflammation and immunity — her areas of scientific expertise.

Dr. Wilson obtained her PhD at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, where she worked in close collaboration with senior scientists at INEX Pharmaceuticals on the immunomodulatory activity and vaccine potential of lipid encapsulated nucleic acids. Dr. Wilson is an author on five publications and two review articles and an inventor on one patent. During her Ph.D. Dr Wilson was the recipient of a number of prestigious scholarships and awards including the Doctoral Research Award, Canadian Institutes for Health Research (2005-2008); Trainee Research Award, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (2003-2005) and the PGS-A Scholarship, NSERC (2002-2004). Dr. Wilson was also the 2008 recipient of the Gattefosse Canada/Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Award. She was also a member of the Advisory Board for the Neglected Global Diseases Initiative, a UBC-based organization dedicated to developing interventions for neglected global diseases and ensuring their delivery to those in need.